BBA Requirements –  catalogs thru 16-17


Dr. Jorge Villegas, Marketing
Dr. Jorge Villegas, Marketing faculty

The BBA has five options for study:

Bachelor in Business Administration – Comprehensive

Bachelor in Business Administration –Management Concentration

Bachelor in Business Administration –Marketing Concentration

Bachelor in Business Administration –Finance Concentration

Bachelor in Business Administration –Sport Management Concentration 


See career paths for BBA degrees including comprehensive, finance, marketing, management, and sport management.


All five options have the same requirements for the Foundation, College Core and Engaged Citizen Common Experience (ECCE). (The only exception for Foundation requirements is that ECO 315 Economics for Administration 4 hours does not fulfill the micro/macro requirement for the finance concentration). The main difference between the five options is in the 15 hours of major coursework in required courses and elective options in each concentration. Please see BBA Major Requirements below for more information.


Foundation courses in accountancy, economics, statistics, and advanced math are required. A minimum grade of C- is acceptable in the foundation courses, and an overall Foundation GPA of 2.0 is required.

College Core* (21 Hours)

MGT 310 Managing Organizational Behavior

MIS 352 Principles of MIS

BUS 302 Principles of Financial Management

BUS 312 Principles of Marketing

BUS 322 Principles of Operations Management

BUS 331 Business and Society

MGT 488 Strategic Management: The Capstone

*2.0 average required in core, C- minimum grade allowed except MGT 488 which requires a minimum grade of C.

Engaged Citizen Common Experience (10 hours)

Minimum requirement of 3 hour internship to fulfill ECCE Engagement. More information about internships  Internship handout 2016

Minimum Graduation Requirement (120 hours)

120 hours is the minimum required for an undergraduate degree with at least 48 hours of upper division coursework and 54 hours completed at a 4 year university.


BBA Major Requirements – Comprehensive (15 hours)

Upper Division Business (BUS) Course 3 hours
Upper Division Management (MGT) Course 3 hours
Upper Division Marketing (MKT) Course 3 hours
Upper Division CBM course** 6 hours
** e.g., ACC, BUS, ECO, MGT, MKT, MIS, and SPM

Business Administration students who choose the Comprehensive
option receive a broad-based education of the business enterprise
through advanced study in the business functional areas including
finance, management, marketing and operations management.
Specific objectives are 1) to build advanced competencies in critical
and ethical thinking, and 2) to enable students to gain a broad
comprehensive understanding of the functional areas of business.
Graduates will leave UIS highly qualified for managerial positions in
a variety of industries spanning both the public and private sectors.

BBA Major Requirements – Management Concentration (15 hours)

At least one course from the following:
MGT 461   Organization Theory 3 hours
MGT 485   International Management 3 hours

Two courses from the following:
MGT 422   Negotiation 3 hours
MGT 431   Human Resource Management 3 hours
MGT 461   Organization Theory 3 hours
MGT 474   Leadership and Motivation 3 hours
MGT 485   International Management 3 hours

One upper division (300-400) MGT course 3 hours
Upper division (300-400) CBM course** 3 hours
** e.g., ACC, BUS, ECO, MGT, MKT and MIS

Business Administration students who choose the Management
concentration will develop the critical, conceptual, and interpersonal
skills that are essential to employment in management positions in all
types of organizations. Students can expect to 1) develop an understanding of the different forms of organizations and how they operate in domestic and global contexts; 2) learn how to analyze cognitive, behavioral and ethical issues faced by individuals and groups in organizations; and 3) develop an understanding of appropriate strategies for organizational effectiveness.

BBA Major Requirements – Marketing Concentrations (15 hours)

MKT 431   Consumer Behavior 3 hours
MKT 432   Research Methods for Marketing 3 hours

Two courses from the following:
MKT 430   Topics in Marketing 3 hours
MKT 433   Introduction to Marketing Management 3 hours
MKT 434   Brand Management 3 hours
MKT 435   Sales and Sales Management 3 hours
MKT 436   Marketing Promotions 3 hours
MKT 437   Advertising 3 hours
or other approved MKT elective 3 hours

Upper division CBM course work** 3 hours
** e.g., ACC, BUS, ECO, MGT, MKT, MIS and SPM
(15 hours)

Business Administration students who choose the Marketing option
will develop the knowledge and skills required to create, communicate,
deliver, and exchange products and services that have value to customers. Students can expect to 1) develop an understanding of product, pricing, distribution, and promotion strategies; 2) develop an ability to collect and interpret information about consumers and their decision-making processes; and 3) develop abilities to use new technologies available in media, retail, and other business areas to develop competitive marketing strategies.

 BBA Major Requirements – Finance Concentration (15 hours)

ECO 335     Money, Banking, and Financial Markets 3 hours
BUS 443     Financial Investment Analysis 3 hours
BUS 444     Intermediate Financial Management 3 hours

Two courses from the following:
ACC 443     Federal Income Taxation 3 hours
BUS 440     Topics in Finance 3 hours
BUS 445     Financial Institution Management 3 hours
ECO 431     Financial Economics 3 hours
ECO 435     theory of Finance and Application 3 hours
or other approved Finance elective 3 hours

Students who choose the Finance option will develop knowledge and skills that are relevant in public, for-profit, or non-for profit organizations required for the optimization of monetary resources. Students will be prepared for success in diverse roles in finance such as financial manager or analyst.  Specific degree objectives are: enable students to develop an understanding of risk management, financial policy, banking and financial markets; develop the ability to analyze capital budgeting, investment decisions, capital structure, capital acquisition, and asset pricing; establish skills in financial statement analysis and ratio analysis; and advance their skills in analysis of specific investment securities and portfolio management.

BBA Major Requirements – Sport Management Concentration (15 hours)

SPM 431   Foundation of Sport Management 3 hours
SPM 432   Sport Law 3 hours Prerequisite SPM 431
SPM 433  Facilities & Event Management 3 hours Prerequisite SPM 431
One upper division (300-400) SPM course 3 hours Prerequisite SPM 431
Upper division (300-400) CBM course** 3 hours

** e.g., ACC, BUS, ECO, MGT, MKT, MIS, and SPM

Business Administration students who choose the Sport Management option will build upon UIS general education, college foundation and core requirements to pursue specialty coursework in sport management and apply these business principles to the sport industry. Students will develop competencies that prepare them to be successful in various careers in the sport industry including administration, sales, operations, promotion and marketing.