Lincoln, The Young Lawyer on the UIS quad
Lincoln, The Young Lawyer on the UIS quad

General education requirements

The first sixty hours of lower division coursework (100 and 200 level courses) are generally devoted to general education courses in English, oral

communication, humanities, social science, physical and life science, and mathematics. Ideally prerequisites for business majors should also be completed in the first sixty hours.

The Undergraduate Academic Advising Center has advisers available to help students with fewer than 30 hours completed concerning UIS general education requirements. Contact the office at or (217) 206-7471

The College of Business & Management Undergraduate Academic Adviser, Renee A. Clausner, is available to assist students after 30 hours have been completed. Contact Renee at   (217) 206-8273 or or


College Core and BBA Major Requirements

It is important for BBA students to meet with their academic adviser and set up a degree plan to insure that they meet catalog requirements for graduation: MORE INFO ABOUT THE CATEGORIES BELOW

  • Foundation entrance requirements
  • College Core
  • Business Administration Core
  • Electives
  • UIS requirements

A student can refer to the DARS Audit for Students DARS for students

or call the BBA Program office at (217) 206-6780 for faculty adviser information.

A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required for graduation. BBA degree candidates may not take any course on a credit/no credit or pass/fail basis. A grade of C or better must be earned in MGT 488.