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What You Can Do With Applied Study Term

Lincoln Memorial GardenThere are many reasons for you to complete an Internship for credit. Internships are an opportunity for you to learn from experience – to learn from doing. You can refine your ability to learn on your own, out of a classroom environment.

Focusing on the process of learning will allow you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, which can help you to become a well-balanced learner. All of these skills are transferable to any of life’s experiences.

Many students have used their Internships to advance themselves professionally and/or academically. For example, the Internship experience can be a springboard into a new career, or it can be used to determine if further graduate study is needed to advance in a particular field.

By completing an internship in your major area of study, you have the opportunity to discover if you want a career in that field. A student can use the Internship experience as a way to create a whole new aspect to current employment. At the very least, it will look great on your resume!