Current Agenda

Academic Professional Advisory Committee

May 14, 2015
9:00 AM. BRK 204D

1)    Call to Order

2)    Approval of Agenda

3)    Approval of Minutes

4)    Treasurer’s Report

5)    New Business

a.     Approval of new APAC members

i.     District 1 – Donna Haynes

ii.     District 2 – Maureen Hoover

iii.     District 4 – Matt Panich

iv.     District 5 – OPEN (SPH, WUIS, HRB, LRH, Founders)

v.     At-Large – Kim Gonzalez-Beeson

Ashley Edge


b.     Discussion of two empty positions

c.     Election of new officers to begin in August

d.     Summary of Board of Trustees Meeting – May 7 (Teresa)

6)    Old Business

a.     Information survey of APs (distributed March 10)

b.     Committee Updates

i.     Campus Senate  (Raymond Barnett)

ii.     Library (James Burgdorf)

iii.     CSAC  (Jo Barnard)

iv.     Website (Clay Bellot)

v.     Other committee updates


c.     Public Comments/ Announcements

i.     UPPAC meeting for current and new APAC officers July 28, 2014

i.     Regular UPPAC meeting 1-3

ii.     Meeting with President Killeen 3-4

iii.     Reception 4-5

d.     Adjournment


Next meeting June 11, 2015 – 9:00 a.m. Brookens 204D

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