Subcommittee Representatives

APAC Sub-Committees (terms ongoing until replaced)

Cape Award Committee

One AP from each of the five APAC districts composes the committee that submits three finalists to the Chancellor for the annual CAPE Award. APs who serve on the Awards Committee are not eligible to receive the CAPE Award in the year they are making the selection.

  • Barbara Cass, Chair
  • Bekky Grosboll
  • Carol Gustafson
  • Gale Kilbury
  • Clayton Bellot

Civil Service Advisory Council Representative

  • Emily Boles

Committee on Committees

  • Donna Haynes

Grievance Process Review Committee


Professional Development

Works with the Provost to obtain professional development funds which are granted to UIS APs; tracks grant requests, awards, and uses.

  • Barbara Cass, Chair
  • Emily Welch Boles
  • Bekky Grosboll
  • Rebecca Jones
  • Munindra Khaund
  • Kimberly Rutherford