Admission Requirements

A student may declare a CLS major at any time; no application is needed for the PreProfessional Phase, the first two years of the major.  However, there is an admission process for the CLS Program/Professional Phase which encompasses the last two years of study including the summer between the third and fourth years.  Normal time of entry into the Professional Phase Program is the fall semester, third year.  Admission to UIS does not guarantee admission to the Clinical Laboratory Science Program/Professional Phase. In addition to completing the UIS application process, interested applicants should contact the department for an application or print off the application at the bottom of this web page.  Students are encouraged to apply in December or January of their second year so they are eligible for UIS scholarships with February deadlines.

Applicants must also forward a written statement of their academic and professional goals and the names and addresses of two college science instructors (preferably one biology and one chemistry) for use as references to the Clinical Laboratory Science Department chair. A personal interview may be required. Admission is competitive and selective. For best consideration applicants should complete the application process by February 1. GPA is the main consideration, however references and the goals statement are also considered. Qualified applicants who complete the application process after February 1 will be considered for any remaining spots.

All students are encouraged to meet with the CLS Chair/Program Director or a CLS advisor before initial registration and periodically thereafter in order to prepare a plan to ensure that all requirements are met in the minimum amount of time.  There is no advance placement and no credits for experiential learning.

The transfer option provides for the continuing education of students who have completed the first two years of lower-division work (preferably with the A.A. or A.S. degree). Transfer students must apply to UIS before or at the same as application to the CLS Program.  See the CLS Chair/Program Director regarding questions about transfer of credits.

Prerequisite courses required for admission to the CLS Professional Phase Program include:

  • 90 quarter hours or 60 semester hours of lower-division courses including the UIS general education requirements, detailed in the UIS catalog.
  • 2 semesters of general chemistry
  • 1 semester of organic chemistry (with lab if you want a chem minor)
  • 2 semesters of biological sciences, preferably the first biology course for majors and human  physiology or 1-2 semesters of anatomy and physiology
  • 1 semester of statistics or higher mathematics (calculus)
  • 1 semester of microbiology with lab (in addition to the 2 biological science courses above)

Science courses should be those for science majors.  Recommended courses include genetics and a second semester of organic chemistry.

Students should consult with advisors for specific guidance regarding completion of general education requirements. Upper division general education requirements, called “ECCE” courses, are all included in the CLS Program with the exception of Speaker Series, one credit hour which may be taken at any time.

Application Process to CLS Professional Phase Program

Applicants in consultation with their physicians should assure that the applicant can perform the Essential Functions (found here and in the CLS Student Handbook).

Application to the Program/Professional Phase includes submission of 1) a complete CLS Application for Admission (found below or from the office manager in HSB 314); 2) a written statement in your own words of your academic and professional goals; and 3) names and contact information (email addresses, phone numbers, etc) of two college science instructors for use as references.  Preferred references would be one biology and one chemistry instructor.  A personal interview may be required.  Admission to the CLS Program is competitive and selective.  Students are encouraged to apply by February 1st for best consideration.  Cumulative GPA is the main consideration, however references and the written statements are also considered.  The best qualified applicants will be offered admissions as space permits.  There is no appeal of the department’s decision.  The admission process is approved by the university and complies with nondiscrimination policies (

CLS Application for Admission to Professional Phase