Peer Advisors and Mentors

studentsThe Peer Advisor/Peer Mentor Program provides support to help new students transition into college life through individual and small group interactions with a peer leader. New students who are undecided about their major are assigned to a Peer Advisor that can help provide direction to many of the new situations and responsibilities. Peer Advisors help new students understand the purpose and importance of general education and ECCE requirements. Students who have decided about a major are assigned a Peer Mentor who helps guide appropriate decision-making about courses and career paths related to that major.

Peer Advisors and Mentors also help in the social and emotional adjustments to being away from home, and successfully managing the multiple demands of college life.

For more information about becoming a Peer Advisor or Mentor, or to be matched to a Peer Advisor or Mentor, contact the Undergraduate Academic Advising Center.