Fall Orientation

We’re excited to welcome you to your first semester at UIS. Fall Orientation gives you a chance to get settled on campus and prepare for your first college classes.  If you will be living on campus move-in day is Wednesday, August 18th.  Look for more information from the HOUSING office with move-in details.

FALL ORIENTATIONstarts Thursday, August 19th. Your attendance is required at a number of mandatory events.  You will register your attendance at those events with your I-Card, so be sure to have it handy.  Please make arrangements to take off work to attend the required events.

Below are links to a number of important information to help you prepare for your first days at UIS.

WHAT TO BRINGlist includes items that students find useful in the dorm and classroom.

IMPORTANT LINKSkeeps you in the know with what’s happening on campus and connects you to important resources that you may need as you get settled on campus.

The UNI 101 COLLEGE FOR FIRST YEAR STUDENTS sheet includes a brief background on the UNl101 course, and explains what you can do to prepare.

THE ETS PROFICIENCY PROFILE sheet tells you information about a very important evaluation of reading, writing, critical thinking, and math skills you will be completing during fall orientation.

We look forward to seeing you on the 19th. If you have questions, email us at uisuaac@uis.edu. Enjoy the remaining days of summer!






UNI 101