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Welcome to the Instructors/Advisors Only section of the OASIS and UIS Early Alert and Student Success website. Here you will find information, tools, and resources to aid you and your students. From GPA calculators to recent updates in national standards for academic advising to quick links, the Advisors Only section gives professional and faculty advisors the necessary tools and information to maximize the effectiveness of your advising experiences.

Summer 2016 Progress Surveys

Welcome to Summer 2016. The UIS Early Alert and Student Success program powered by Starfish® is one of our retention tools used to help students succeed in their courses. Starfish® allows you to notify advisors when students are having trouble in your classes. You can refer students to support services, such as the Learning Hub (formerly the Center for Teaching and Learning) or Career Development Center or Counseling. You can also compliment students with the remarkably popular Kudos.

The final summer survey is now in progress.  If you will be recommending the student Consider Withdrawal, please submit those flags ASAP so that students have sufficient time to consult with you and their advisor about dropping the course prior to the final withdrawal deadline, July 15, 2016.

If you have previously raised a flag or made a referral for a student in your course, now is a good time to report on the student’s progress for the flag or referral issue. If the issue is resolved, you may give a kudo on the survey or visit the “flags I’m managing” channel on your Starfish Home page, to add comments to the flag or referral.  You may also close the flag.  Visit the Starfish How To’s page for complete instructions.

Update your Starfish Advisor Rel course in Blackboard

As an advisor, your BB StarfishAdvisorRel course helps you stay in contact with all your advisees.   Remember, you must manually remove students you are no longer advising – see the guide below.  New students will automatically be enrolled after the next census (September 2, 2016).  You may also enroll new advisees manually.

How To Update Student Roster Manually In Blackboard Course (pdf)

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