Advising Guides

studentsThe Advising Guides provide a roadmap for selecting courses each semester. The guides are tailored to meet the general education, ECCE, and major and minor requirements.

  • Sample schedules to help you plan your classes. Class & Study – no work, Athletes, Commuters, Work mornings & afternoon classes, Science majors.
  • The First Year Guides are for freshmen who enter UIS with fewer than 29 credit hours, focusing primarily on General Education and Comparative Societies courses.
  • The Four-Year Guides lay out an organized plan for completing general education, ECCE, and major requirements on a four year schedule. The Four-Year guides will give important information regarding pre-requisite and core courses required for the major. Even if you are initially unsure about a major, reviewing the four-year guides of subjects you are considering will give you an idea of the courses you’ll need to take.
  • Pre Professional / Pre-Med Advising at UIS – The pre-professional health sciences track at UIS is intended to prepare students for medical school, dental school, veterinary school, pharmacy school, an MS in physical therapy and other healthcare careers. You can major in just about anything as long as you take the core science courses. We suggest that you major in a subject you enjoy and add the courses from the pre-professional track to your major of choice.