Polly Roesch Music Room

Polly Roesch Music Room
Dr. Sharon Graf directs a musical ensemble in the new Polly Roesch Music Room.

The Polly Roesch Music Room Provides Ample Practice Space

Music at UIS is growing each year, thanks in large part to Polly Roesch and her foundational support through scholarships and gifts.   

She early shared a vision of a university program that brings together students,  faculty, staff, and community members to make and share music.  She believed in the promise of that program, and
generously gave in support of music at UIS.

In 2011, Polly Roesch gave additional critical support to the music program by helping UIS improve its practice space.  At that time, music groups practiced in a small classroom with acoustic tiles attached to the walls and low-pile carpeting on the floor.

With support from Polly Roesch, UIS has been able to combine this space with three other small classrooms, resulting in 2000 square feet with room for 100 musicians. The room has better
acoustics and an ample storage space for the music, instruments, and supplies.

Because of the Polly Roesch Chorale Room, in future years, everyone who knows anything about music at UIS will know Polly Roesch’s name.  

Chorus members and other musicians will say of the music room, “I’m heading to Roesch now,” or “I left my bag in Roesch,” or “Let’s head on over to Roesch,” and with each mention, musicians at UIS will be honoring Polly Roesch.

And that’s only proper because Polly Roesch has done so much to make a vibrant music program at UIS a reality.