Faculty and Staff Campaign Overview

2017 Faculty and Staff Campaign

Information on the 2017 Campaign

The 2017 Faculty and Staff Campaign at UIS officially began on Thursday, March 2 at a Kickoff Event. Thanks to all who had tables at the event and to all who attended. You make the event a special one.

Each year, the Campaign is led by a Campaign Council. Special thanks as well to the Faculty and Staff Campaign Ambassadors who volunteer throughout campus. As the Campaign progresses through the month of March, ambassadors can answer your questions and offer information and inspiration.

For additional information, please call 206-6058 or email Lisa Whelpley.

This 2017 Campaign Brief will provide more information about the Campaign, as will these FAQs.

How to give

You can find instructions here for sending a check, completing a gift card, submitting an electronic funds transfer (EFT) request, or giving online. You can also bring a gift in person to the Office of Advancement, PAC 591.

Why give?

Faculty and staff members at UIS often find that their passions and interests intersect with the mission and programs at UIS. In addition to the time and talent you share each day through your work, giving back offers an opportunity to come together to work to change our community for the better.

3 pertinent questions about giving to UIS

  1. Does my gift really make a difference?
    Yes! The more people who choose to give, the greater the collective impact will be. Last year, in Fiscal Year 15-16, 2,322 donors made gifts of $250 or less to the UIS, which totaled more than $100,680 in support.
  1. I work at UIS; why should I also give to UIS?
    Your special perspective on campus needs allows you to discover your personal philanthropic passion and to judge which causes on campus will achieve your desire for your gifts. And when your personal cause thrives, you will be among the first to know. More than that, you’ll be joining a winning team. UIS regularly sets records or near records in faculty and staff giving. And remember: All gifts are tax-deductible.
  2. Students pay tuition. Why does UIS need charitable support?
    State funding has changed. We used to describe public universities as “state funded”; instead we now say “state assisted.” UIS has become more and more frugal, but we can’t expect students alone to make up the difference in funding. Your gifts help us sustain and even enrich the value of a UIS education.

Where faculty and staff chose to give last year