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Computer Science Club

Computer Science Club
Above: Members of the UIS Computer Science Club. Six students will accompany faculty and staff to the Google I/O Conference in California–and you can help.

Gifts So Far: $304 as of February 25, 2014

Technology Changing at Revolutionary Speeds

Through UIS, Springfield’s own public university, you have a strong computer science department with excellent faculty members and students, who provide valuable services to people and companies throughout Illinois and around the world.

Technology changes at revolutionary speeds, however, and a computer science curriculum needs to change quickly as well. One of the best ways to know how to change involves meeting the innovators–the revolutionaries themselves.

Where UIS Can Meet “Revolutionaries”

To meet some of the technology field’s greatest innovators, faculty and staff from the UIS Computer Science Department are planning to attend the Google I/O Conference, probably held in May.

UIS’ Computer Science Club wants to send students to the conference as well–and you can help provide the cost of hotels and travel.

What Happens at the Conference?

At Google I/O, innovators will announce new technology and describe growth in current technology, all of which can help the UIS Computer Science Department know how to enhance the department’s curriculum.

I/O stands for Innovation in the Open or Input/Output, and according to UIS faculty member Josh Smith, speakers at the Google I/O conference are the “rock stars” of the computer science and technology field.

Registration for this year’s conference will probably occur in March, when the date of the conference and details of this year’s schedule and speakers will be announced.  You can get a flavor for the conference by checking out the following links:

UIS Students at Google I/O

The UIS Computer Science Club would like to send six students to the Google I/O conference. According to Kyle Noland, Computer Science Club president, “Our attendance allows UIS students to see and interact with state-of-the-art technologies before anyone else and to provide this feedback for possible inclusion in a future UIS curriculum.”

The six students will accompany two faculty members, Josh Smith and Lucinda Caughey, and staff member Bobbie Fults, all of whom will pay their own way to the conference.

You can help students get to the conference

The students’ registration fees will be covered by the UIS student Conference Support Program. We are asking donors to contribute to the students’ hotel and travel expenses: a total of $5,500. Please use the Donate button above to help support this expense.

Your donation helps the Computer Science Club fulfill its mission to support and further the understanding and development of the societal role of Computer Science by the students of the University of Illinois Springfield and to instill a spirit of life-long learning.

Kyle Noland looks forward to rubbing shoulders with professionals: “It will be great to see the atmosphere and sights of Silicon Valley first-hand and attend a conference hosted by Google.”