2017 HLC Accreditation Committee

Committee Members

Harshavardhan Bapat, Natural Science Division Director and Associate Professor, Chemistry

Aleta Carlberg, Associate Director, Records and Registration

Cecilia Cornell, Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education

Laura Dorman, Director of Institutional Research

Clarice Ford, Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Tena Helton, Associate Professor and Chair, English and Modern Languages

Jerry Joseph, Associate Provost, Budget and Administrative Planning

Ann McCaughan, Assistant Professor, Human Development Counseling


Tarah Sweeting-Trotter, Senior Director of Advising and Learning Support Services

Missy Thibodeaux-Thompson, Associate Professor, Art, Music, and Theatre

Van Vieregge, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Services

Accreditation Support Staff: Caitlin Perry

Subcommittees and Members

  1. Governance and DiversityHarshavardhan BapatKerry Poynter
  2. Academic Programs and Student SupportTarah Sweeting-Trotter, Missy Thibodeaux-Thompson, Aleta Carlberg, Cecilia Cornell, Clarice Ford, Dorothy Ryan
  3. Planning, Operations, and Management of ResourcesJerry Joseph, Van Vieregge, Christina Ryan, Erica Michael
  4. Outreach and ScholarshipMark Dochterman, Lan Dong, Barbara Ferrara, Keenan Dungey
  5. Integrity and AssessmentAnn McCaughan, Robert Blankenberger, Michelle Vinson, Hilary Frost, Nancy Barrett

Italics denote Subcommittee Chairs


Meeting Agendas and Notes

10.09.14 Agenda
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9.18.14 Agenda
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4.24.14 Agenda
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3.31.14 Agenda
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2.24.14 Agenda
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1.31.14 Agenda
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12.02.13 Agenda
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11.18.13 Agenda
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11.04.13 Meeting Notes

10.21.13 Agenda
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10.07.13 Agenda

9.18.13 Agenda
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