Foundation Requirements

All departments in the College of Business and Management require foundation knowledge in accounting, economics, mathematics, statistics, and the behavioral sciences.

If a student enters UIS without these foundation courses, they can be taken during the first and second semester concurrent with other coursework. However, foundation courses are prerequisites for most of the college and program core.

Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor in order to determine what courses they can enroll in while finishing their foundation coursework.

UIS courses that satisfy the foundation knowledge requirement include:

  • ACC 211 Introduction to Financial Accounting and ACC 212 Introduction to Managerial Accounting.
  • ECO 201 Introduction to Microeconomics and ECO 202 Introduction to Macroeconomics OR ECO 315 Economics for Administration.
  • ECO 213 Statistics for Business and Economics.
  • MAT 113 Business Calculus OR other calculus.
  • Behavioral science course (psychology, sociology, etc.).

Coursework equivalent to the above will be accepted on approval by the adviser.

Foundation coursework does not apply toward the 60 hours of upper-division coursework required for the degree and, if possible, should be taken in the first 60 hours towards the degree.