Master’s Degree

A student must complete 30 semester hours of graduate level coursework to earn a Master of Arts in Accountancy.

It is important for accountancy students to meet with their academic adviser and set up a degree plan to make sure that they have met their undergraduate prerequisite requirements.

Students are also required to access the Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) throughout their college career to verify that degree requirements are being met.

Prerequisite Requirements

Students can be admitted conditionally until all admissions requirements, including the prerequisite requirements, are met. Students receiving financial aid must be fully admitted after one year in order to maintain their eligibility.

Applicants must complete the following coursework: introductory courses in financial and managerial accounting, college math through business calculus, and principles of economics (micro and macro) and statistics.

Students interested in sitting for the Illinois CPA examination should be aware of the Illinois Board of Examiners’ requirement of 24 hours of business courses. Further information about the exam can be found at

The following undergraduate accountancy courses or the equivalent are also required.

ACC 321, 322 and 324 Intermediate Financial Accounting I, II and III (or equivalent)
ACC 335 Accounting Information Systems (or equivalent)
ACC 433 Intermediate Managerial Accounting (or equivalent)
ACC 443 Federal Income Taxation (or equivalent)
ACC 464 Auditing Concepts and Responsibilities (or equivalent)

An overall GPA of 2.70 in Accountancy prerequisite courses is required for full admittance into the master’s degree program.

Major Requirements (30 Hrs.)

Required Accounting Courses: 15 hours

  • ACC 511 Research and Analysis in Accounting: 3 hours
  • ACC 523 Advanced Financial Accounting: 3 hours
  • ACC 544 Advanced Corporation and Partnership Taxation: 3 hours
  • ACC 563 Commercial Law: 3 hours
  • ACC 583 Accountancy Capstone: 3 hours

ACC Graduate Accountancy Electives: 9-12 hours

Business and Administrative Topics: 3-6 hours

  • We recommend that you take MBA, MGT or MIS electives since these are three hour courses. All BUS 500-level courses are acceptable as elective credit except BUS 501, 509 and 583. If you wish, you may take a 500-level PAD course as an elective, but remember that these are still four hour courses.

An overall GPA of 3.00 is required to earn the master’s degree in Accountancy.

Graduation Requirements/Master’s Closure

Students must satisfy all UIS requirements and complete ACC 583 Accountancy Capstone. University policy requires students who do not complete ACC 583 in one semester to enroll in ACC 584 Accountancy Capstone Continuing Enrollment (zero credit hours, one billable hour) each fall and spring semester until the capstone course requirements are met.