Bachelor’s Degree

A student must complete 60 semester hours of upper-division coursework to earn a Bachelors of Arts in Accountancy.

It is important for accountancy students to meet with their academic adviser and set up a degree plan to make sure that they have met their lower-division General Education and Foundation Entrance requirements.

Students are also required to access the Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) throughout their college career to verify that degree requirements are being met.

Major Requirements

College Core Courses: 21 hours required, and
Accountancy Core Courses: 21 hours required.

Students are encouraged to take a combination of accountancy core courses, college core, electives, and UIS requirements each semester. ACC 321 Intermediate Accounting I is the first accountancy course that junior-level undergraduate students should take, and the department recommends that this course be taken concurrently with ACC 335 Accounting Information Systems.

College Core (21 Hours)

The College Core is required of all undergraduate students in the College of Business and Management. All the college core courses are prerequisites for MGT 488, and they must be completed prior to the semester in which the student enrolls in MGT 488.

  • ACC 335 Accounting Information Systems
    3 Hrs. Prerequisites: ACC 211 and ACC 212, or equivalent, and familiarity with spreadsheet and/or database application software.
  • BUS 302 Principles of Financial Management
    3 Hrs. (Prerequisites-Accounting, Economics, Statistics, & Calculus Foundation Courses)
  • BUS 312 Principles of Marketing
    3 Hrs. (Prerequisites-Accounting & Economics Foundation Courses)
  • BUS 322 Principles of Operations Management
    3 Hrs. (Prerequisites-Statistics & Calculus Foundation Courses)
  • BUS 331 Business and Society
    3 Hrs.  (Prerequisite: ECO 201 and ECO 202 or ECO 315, or equivalent)
  • MGT 310 Managing Organizational Behavior
    3 Hrs. (No prerequisites)
  • MGT 488 Strategic Management and Leadership
    3 Hrs. (Prerequisite: All College core courses).

Accountancy Core (21 Hours)

The Accountancy Core is designed to prepare students for challenging careers and positions of leadership in both the private and public sectors.

Minimum GPA: Accountancy majors are required to earn a grade of C (2.00) or better in all accountancy core courses.

The accountancy core consists of the following six courses:

  • ACC 321 Intermediate Financial Accounting I
    3 Hrs. Prerequisites: ACC 211 and 212, or equivalent, and familiarity with spreadsheet application software.
  • ACC 322 Intermediate Financial Accounting II
    3 Hrs. Prerequisite: ACC 321.
  • ACC 324 Intermediate Financial Accounting III
    3 Hrs.  Prerequisite:  ACC 322.
  • ACC 433 Intermediate Managerial Accounting
    3 Hrs. Prerequisite: ACC 211 and ACC 212, or equivalent.
  • ACC 443 Federal Income Taxation
    3 Hrs. Prerequisite: ACC 211 and ACC 212, or equivalent.
  • ACC 464 Auditing Concepts and Responsibilities
    3 Hrs. Prerequisite: ACC 321, or instructor approval.
  • ACC Elective
    3 Hrs.

Engaged Citizenship Common Experience – ECCE  (10 Hours)