Master’s Degree Application Requirements

No additional application materials are needed beyond the UIS application for graduate study.

To be eligible for full admission to the master of arts program in accountancy, applicants must have satisfied the following conditions:

  • Completion of foundation courses: introductory courses in financial and managerial accounting, college math through business calculus, and principles of economics (micro and macro) and statistics.
  • Completion of undergraduate accountancy courses or the equivalent: ACC 321, 322 and 324 Intermediate Financial Accounting I, II and III, ACC 335 Accounting Information Systems, ACC 433 Intermediate Managerial Accounting, ACC 443 Federal Income Taxation, ACC 464 Auditing Concepts and Responsibilities
  • Minimum GPA of 2.70 in the undergraduate accounting courses

Conditional admission may still be granted to graduate applicants who have not met all the requirements but they must successfully complete their prerequisite coursework and/or meet all conditions to be fully admitted.