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Pam McClelland Strengthens Current Accounting Scholarship with a Match

Pamela McClelland with former scholarship recipient Michael WaldoPam McClelland, retired partner from the accounting firm Kerber, Eck & Braekel, can recognize an excellent financial opportunity:

She has revised the criteria of her accountancy scholarship to qualify for the Access Illinois match program, doubling the impact of her gift.

Smart move.

For many years a generous donor, Pamela McClelland (BA ’90 CBM, MA ’95 CBM) has also been a friend to UIS since she first graduated from UIS (then SSU).

Success Beyond Her Expectations

Pam came to the university at a moment of sudden change in her life. Formerly a farm wife, when Pam was almost 40, she became a single mother who needed a different livelihood. Good with numbers, she enrolled at UIS not for a degree but merely to refresh her bookkeeping skills.

Quiet, steady, hardworking, Pam might have gone unnoticed at a less personal school, but not at UIS. With encouragement from accountancy professors like Don Stanhope, Pam soared and before long, having graduated with highest honors, she not only passed the four-part certified public accountant exam but won the Elijah Watts Sells Award, bestowed on students who score in the top five percent nationally on the CPA exam.

An Excellent Advocate for Accounting—and Accounting Students

Pam, a CPA and CFE, joined Kerber, Eck & Braekel, one of Springfield’s top accounting firms. On the way to becoming a partner, she added a master’s degree from UIS, and became one of UIS’ best advocates.

Here’s proof: In 1999, she helped raise money for a scholarship honoring Don Stanhope, contributing herself—that drive raised $100,000 for an endowed fund. In 2000, she helped to initiate scholarships from the Vollintine Trust, leading to $77,000 for students. She also taught two auditing classes at UIS.  She also chaired the UIS Accountancy Alumni Group.

By 2004, she had contributed so much to the university that she received the University of Illinois Distinguished Service Award from the U of I Alumni Association—UIS’ first recipient of the award. She has been a member of UIS’ Campus Alumni Advisory Board (CAAB), of which she is currently Vice President, and the Development Advisory Board.

Her Own Scholarship

Her investment in students grew: In 2009, she started her own named scholarship for accountancy students, the Pam McClelland Accountancy Scholarship, and in the same year, she arranged for Kerber, Eck & Braekel to donate two scholarships also for accountancy students.

Clearly, she loves UIS, values her accountancy degree, and wants to see other promising students benefit from the personal attention UIS professors give to students.

If you currently have a named scholarship—either current-use or endowed—you may also be able to revise the criteria to qualify for the match.  Find more information here.