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Access Illinois Matching Program

FAQDuring the Access Illinois scholarship initiative, UIS is offering a very special 1:1 matching opportunity through June 30, 2014, for scholarship gifts, doubling the impact of your gift.

All scholarship gifts that qualify for the match entitle the donor to name the fund, attend the scholarship luncheon, and receive a personal thank you from the student recipient.

Required Criteria

To qualify for the match, the gift must be at least $25,000 for an endowed scholarship and at least $2,500 for a current-use scholarship.

The scholarship must be designated for

  • an undergraduate student
  • who is in good academic standing and
  • who has a financial need.

We would like the criteria to be as general as possible. Because of this, the scholarship must be unrestricted for students

  • New Scholarships View a list Access Illinois Scholarshipsthroughout the campus
  • in a college, or
  • in a department.

Other requirements may apply depending on the designation of your gift. Please contact the Office of Development at 217.206.6058 and ask to speak with a gift officer about the match program. We want this to be as easy and enjoyable for you as possible!

Detail of the Match

UIS’ Chancellor Susan J. Koch will be using one-time discretionary funds from each fiscal year of the match period to provide a 1:1 match for scholarship gifts that meet the requirements above.

A current-use scholarship gift of at least $2,500 that meets the requirements above will generate a match of equal value. If the scholarship is renewed, the gift will be matched each year through the end of the initiative. Donors who make a five-year pledge to give $2500 each year will have their gift matched each year, creating a second scholarship–even if that pledge is made during 2014, the last year of the initiative.

For an endowed gift of at least $25,000 that meets the requirements above, the income from this gift will be matched for ten years following the gift as long as the fund is created during the three-year initiative. Donors will have five years to complete a pledge of $25,000 or more even if the fund is created during the last year of the initiative.

The matching funds will go to the same area designated by the donor (such as the same college or department).

These matching funds will increase the impact of the donor’s gift for one, two, or possibly more.

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