Oral English Proficiency

According to state law, faculty are to be evaluated in regard to their oral English proficiency. Evaluation procedures for the oral English proficiency requirements are administered by the Provost’s Office. Campus oral English proficiency requirements are based on the premise that an instructor’s English should not interfere with the delivery of the course content. An assessment of the effectiveness of the use of oral English is made during the process of hiring new faculty by asking those who participate in interviews (faculty, staff, and students) to assess the candidates’ communications skills.

In addition, during the first semester of teaching, new full-time and part-time faculty are evaluated. This evaluation is conducted twice during the semester: within the first three weeks of the semester and near the end of the semester. A questionnaire is distributed to all students in courses taught by new faculty to allow communication difficulties to be identified in time for assessment and appropriate intervention. The forms are distributed, collected, and analyzed by the Provost’s Office. The confidential results of each evaluation are given to the appropriate dean. The dean reviews the information on any faculty identified as having difficulties and determines if support services are needed. The dean meets with the faculty member to review the assessment and to establish plans to improve the instructor’s use of oral English.

Faculty members with questions about this policy should contact the dean of their college.