Faculty Policies

Note: All of the sections below are currently undergoing review by the Personnel Policies Committee and are subject to change.

Name change updates, broken links, clarifications needed

  • Article 9, Professional Responsibilities, Section 4, Paragraph A and Section 5, Paragraph B: Remove reference to Public Affairs Colloquia and Liberal Studies Colloquia (LSCs and PACs), which were last included in the AY 05/06 catalog.
  • Article 14, Professor Emeritus Status, section 3: Committee review is not part of the current process.
  • Article 16, Sanction and Dismissal Procedures, Section 2. Paragraph B: Update excerpt from Statutes.
  • Appendix 1, Extracts from University of Illinois Statutes: Update language to reflect current version of the Statutes.
  • Appendix 6, University Nondiscrimination Statement: Update to reflect current statement.
  • Appendix 11, Process for Determining Honorary Degrees: Remove reference to non-existent nomination form.
  • Appendix 15, University-Wide Mediation Project: Creation of Procedure Review Committee. Add Chancellor’s memo.

*This version supercedes the 7.16 version. This 8.17 version is posted as a “working version” to acknowledge it does not yet include updates needed to align with the recently-signed tenure-system faculty collective bargaining agreement.