No Smoking Policy – Effective through June 30, 2015

No smoking is permitted inside the buildings and structures of the University of Illinois at Springfield, including building stairwells and spaces between the inner and outer doors of buildings.

Smoking outdoors adjacent to buildings and structures is permitted only in designated smoking areas. Clear signage shall be provided to implement this policy. No smoking is permitted in Kiwanis Stadium, on the athletic fields or outdoor recreation areas except in their designated smoking areas.

Smoking is not permitted in any university-owned vehicle.

Voluntary compliance with this policy is expected. If a violation occurs, students, staff, faculty and administrators are expected to inform the violator and seek voluntary compliance. Disciplinary action may occur for continuing violations of the policy.

Violations can be reported to the Campus Police. After explicit warning by the Campus Police, continuing violations of the law in indoor spaces will constitute a violation of the Illinois Clean Indoor Air Act.

The administration will periodically review the implementation of this policy to identify changes that should be made. Changes in implementation will be reported to the Campus Senate and to the campus community.

The office of Human Resources will periodically provide opportunities for students, staff and faculty to participate in “quit smoking” programs.

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