The UIS faculty is a distinguished group of teacher-scholars. The UIS academic staff is dedicated, loyal and exceptionally capable. We work together in pursuit of our vision and fulfilling our mission.

This handbook is intended as a general guide for the faculty and academic staff. Some policies, procedures and information affect all three campuses of the U of I, while others are specific to UIS. I believe you will find this handbook useful in understanding the ways in which our campus is governed by University-wide policies and the ways in which UIS has adopted specific practices to meet our unique circumstances. This handbook is updated on an ongoing basis.

Chancellor Susan G. Koch

This Academic Staff Handbook is intended as a guide for the convenience of employees. It is not a contract and creates no contractual or employment rights and may be altered or amended by the University unilaterally at any time.

In case of any discrepancy between the summaries or statements provided herein and the original University statue, rule, regulation or policy upon which the Academic Staff Handbook is relying, the original is controlling.

Published by the Office of the Provost

Please direct questions regarding this manual to:
Monica Kroft
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