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D. Fall 2014 Administrative Tasks to Anticipate

25. Disclosure and Request for Prior Approval of Non-University Activities
26. Mandatory Ethics Training for State Employees
27. Faculty Performance Reports

25. Disclosure and Request for Prior Approval of Non-University Activities

Active participation by faculty and other members of the academic staff in external activities that enhance their professional skills or constitute public service can be beneficial to the University as well as to the individual. However, such activities can lead to conflicts of commitment or interest with regard to one’s University responsibilities.

The University of Illinois Policy on Conflicts of Commitment and Interest provides a general framework against which the propriety and advisability of non-University activities can be measured and monitored. The policy makes every effort to balance the integrity and interests of the University of Illinois with the integrity and interests of individual academic staff members. The policy calls for all academic staff members (full-time faculty, part-time faculty, and academic professionals) to complete a Disclosure and Request for Prior Approval of Non-University Activities form annually. This process takes place in early fall.

The chief purpose of monitoring these activities is to identify possible conflicts of interest or commitment in a timely way, either to determine that no significant or potential conflict exists, or to address any such conflict before it becomes a serious problem for the staff member and the university. The University of Illinois Policy on Conflict of Commitment and Interest may be accessed at

26. Mandatory Ethics Training for State Employees

The State Officials and Employees Ethics Act requires all newly hired employees to receive ethics training within the first 30 days of employment. This web-based ethics orientation program can be completed via the new hire task list within NESSIE.

In addition to the new hire ethics training, annual ethics training is mandatory for all University employees. The University Ethics and Compliance Office will send out an official announcement via UIS email on October 1, 2014, which will provide information about how to access the training program online. The fall online training window will be from October 1–30, 2014.

Please note that within the first year of employment, some employees may be required to complete both the new hire and annual forms of ethics training. More information about training requirements, as well as other resources in support of ethical conduct and decision-making, can be accessed through the University Ethics and Compliance Office’s web page at

27. Faculty Performance Reports

Faculty Professional Performance Reports for 2014 are due to the appropriate Deans with copies to the personnel files by February 24, 2015. New faculty are advised to attend faculty development workshops on faculty personnel policies and to consult with departmental colleagues regarding guidelines for preparation of the annual professional performance report for their college.

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