National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

Housed at Indiana University, NSSE has been used by colleges and universities since 1999. The purpose of NSSE is for the institution to learn how their undergraduates spend their time and what is gained from attending college. The institution is then able to compare their results to other institutions nationally. NSSE results in data that can be used to enhance the student experience and for campus-level decision making.

NSSE measures student participation in academic and co-curricular programs and activities. It also has five benchmarks, which can be compared with other institutions and the national average. They are:

  • Level of academic challenge
  • Active and collaborative learning
  • Student – faculty interaction
  • Enriching educational experiences
  • Supportive campus environment

NSSE is administered on an annual or bi-annual basis (since 2002) to both freshmen and seniors at UIS, and the data are used to inform the action plans of both student and academic affairs.