CORE Alcohol and Drug Survey

The CORE Drug and Alcohol Survey has been used by colleges and universities since the late 1980s to determine the extent of substance use and abuse on campuses nationwide. Originally developed by the US Department of Higher Education and higher education advisors, the survey is now administered by the Core Institute at Southern Illinois University – Carbondale.

CORE asks students a series of demographic questions along with questions regarding some of the following:

  • Attitude towards alcohol or drugs at parties
  • Knowledge about campus alcohol and drug policies
  • Weekly alcohol consumption
  • Binge drinking frequency
  • Age of first use of tobacco, alcohol, and several specific kinds of drugs
  • Frequency of use of tobacco, alcohol, and several specific kinds of drugs over the last year, and the last month
  • Perception of tobacco, alcohol, and drug use by “the average student” on campus
  • Frequency of ill effects from drinking or drug use over the past year, including hangovers, trouble at school or with the law, and trouble stopping use
  • Whether the student has experienced some kind harassment or violence in the last year, and whether drugs or alcohol were involved
  • Belief about the positive effects of drugs or alcohol, or the harmfulness of drugs or alcohol
  • Perception of alcohol use on student’s campus compared with other schools
  • Availability and desirability of substance-free campus housing
  • Changes in alcohol and drug consumption over the last year
  • Pattern of combining alcohol or drugs, and sexual behavior
  • Perception of positive environment on campus
  • Whether others’ drinking interferes with the student’s life in any of several ways

UIS administers the CORE to freshmen annually (since 2002) and to a random sample of undergraduates in even numbered years (since 2000).