Campus Climate Surveys

The UIS campus climate survey was developed locally and has been distributed twice in the last 10 years by the Diversity Task Force (2000 and 2006). The survey is distributed in two forms, one survey for faculty and staff and one for students. The student campus climate survey asks students to indicate the extent of their agreement or disagreement with eleven statements about whether specified conditions exist in academic programs on campus. Most questions include a series of sub-questions that address particular types of diversity such as race/ethnicity/culture, gender, disability status, and sexual orientations/gender identity. The student campus climate survey also addresses student life/campus experiences with questions concerning student perceptions of campus climate/atmosphere, the existence of discrimination, and experiences they have had, seen, or heard about on the UIS campus.

The faculty/staff campus climate survey asks faculty and staff to rate the racial climate, the gender climate, the climate for people with disabilities, and the climate for people who are LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Transsexual, and Queer/Questioning) on the basis of six pairs of opposites. The survey also addresses faculty and staff perceptions concerning the existence of discrimination on campus, as well as experiences they have had, seen, or heard about on the UIS campus. The results of these surveys are used to inform strategic and annual planning processes and are integrated in the Report on the Participation and Success of Underrepresented Students and Staff that is submitted to the Illinois Board of Higher Education each year.