Campus Personnel Committees

Campus Senate Committees

Other Committees

  • Campus Tuition & Fees Committee AY 14-15

    • Lynn Pardie, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & Provost
    • Beverly Bunch, Campus Planning & Budget Committee Chair
    • Brittany Carls, SGA Treasurer
    • Hannah Cave, SGA BoT Student Trustee
    • Brian Clevenger, Registrar
    • Clarice Ford, Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
    • Jerry Joseph, Associate Provost for Budget & Administrative Planning
    • John Martin, Faculty Representative
    • Joe McGee, SGA President

Committee membership: Based upon roles except for the faculty representative, who is appointed by the VCAA/Provost at beginning of each academic year.

  • Conflict Review Committee

    • William Abler, Associate Professor, Human Development Counseling (AY 14/15)
    • Donna Bussell, Associate Professor, English (AY 16/17)
    • Barbara Cass, Online Coordinator, College of Business & Management (AY 15/16)

Committee membership: Two faculty members and one academic professional, serving staggered three-year terms.

  • Faculty Compensation Review Committee

    • Brookens Library
      • Jane Treadwell, University Librarian and Dean
      • Stephen McMinn, Clinical Assistant Professor/Instructional Services Librarian and Director of Collections and Scholarly Communication (AY 14/15)
    • College of Business & Management
      • Ronald McNeil, Dean
      • Atul Agarwal, Associate Professor, Management Information Systems (AY 15/16)
    • College of Education & Human Services
      • Hanfu Mi, Dean
      • Cindy Wilson, Associate Professor, Teacher Education (AY 14/15)
    • College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
      • James Ermatinger, Dean
      • Marcel Yoder, Associate Professor, Psychology (AY 17/18)
    • College of Public Affairs & Administration
      • J. Mark Wrighton, Dean
      • Gary Reinbold, Assistant Professor, Public Administration (AY 16/17)
    • Provost’s Office
      • Jerry Joseph, Associate Provost for Budget & Administrative Planning
      • Patti Sims, Assistant Provost / Academic HR

Committee membership: Deans, and one faculty member from each college and the library, serving staggered three-year terms.