Academic Year: 2009 – 2010

The University of Illinois at Springfield offers various theatre courses, as well as an annual season of productions. UIS Theatre is currently part of the Communication Department, and while UIS does not offer a theatre degree at this time, theatre studies are integral to a liberal arts curriculum and education. The combination of theatre courses and production experiences allows students to apply in the lab (the theatre) what they learn in the classroom. In addition, by participating in the theatrical process, students develop a strong sense of teamwork, as the process of creating theatre is largely collaborative.

Theatre course offerings are listed under the THE course prefix and are cross-listed under COM in the current course schedule.

THE 273 Principles of Acting* 4 Hrs.
THE 274 Introduction to Theatre* 3 Hrs.
THE 308 Principles of Theatre Design 3 Hrs.
THE 320 ECCE: Topics in Dramatic Literature 3 Hrs.
THE 322 Playing Shakespeare 3 Hrs.
THE 373 Intermediate Acting 4 Hrs.
THE 475 Theatre Practicum 1-2 Hrs.
THE 476 Directing for the Theatre 4 Hrs.

* These courses fulfill either Visual, Creative, and Performing Arts or Humanities requirements in the UIS General Education Curriculum.


Eric Thibodeaux-Thompson, Missy Thibodeaux-Thompson


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