Capital Scholars Honors

Academic Year: 2009 – 2010

The Capital Scholars Honors Program (CSHP), open to a small number of highly qualified college students, is a four-year baccalaureate experience combining an integrated core of honors-level, lower- and upper-division courses, UIS general education requirements, and any of the 20 undergraduate majors offered by UIS. Intermediate proficiency in American Sign Language (ASL) or a modern language other than English is another vital educational component for Honors students. The program provides academically well-prepared and motivated students a unique opportunity to develop creative thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills through a high-quality educational experience based in the liberal arts. Focusing on the student’s total growth in the personal, academic, social, and civic arenas, the Capital Scholars Honors Program features interdisciplinary and collaborative learning and is designed to develop student talents through small classes that encourage lively exchange between students and professors. Students learn actively, applying their skills to real community concerns. Problem solving and research skills are emphasized throughout the program.

At the heart of the Capital Scholars Honors Program is an understanding that the problems facing today’s world are complex, and often cannot be adequately understood or resolved from narrow disciplinary perspectives. Instead, a broad perspective and the application of knowledge from multiple disciplines are needed. For that reason, the program focuses on teaching and learning of interdisciplinary writing and research strategies. Development of leadership skills is also a major emphasis of the program. Honors courses not only incorporate the study of leadership, but there is also a curriculum-wide focus on collaborative learning. Skills learned in UIS Honors courses can be applied via numerous internship opportunities in community agencies and organizations.

The Lincoln Residence Hall is the focal point for a learning community in which students, faculty, and community members come together for enrichment activities. Illinois leaders from the public and private sectors–representing scientific, artistic, and cultural interests–join with students for social and cultural events, workshops, and seminars. Students have opportunities for day and weekend trips to cultural and educational events in Chicago, St. Louis, and throughout central Illinois. A wide range of campus social events and entertainment enliven the hours students spend away from their studies.

Admission is open to students who demonstrate high academic achievement and a potential for creativity and leadership. Students admitted to the Capital Scholars Honors Program are expected to have English proficiency, excellent written and oral communication skills, and a desire for a challenging intellectual experience in their college education.

To be considered for admission as a Capital Scholars Honors student, applicants must meet the minimum academic coursework requirements for general admission. Additional coursework is recommended in the following areas:
* Mathematics including introductory through advanced algebra, geometry, and trigonometry (four years recommended)
* Laboratory science (four years recommended)
* Foreign language (four years recommended)

Students with these qualifications are selected based on an overall evaluation of the following: grade-point average, College Board or ACT score, class rank, personal and academic statement, and creative or leadership potential. A personal or telephone interview with a member of the admissions committee may also be a component of the selection process.

Honors, Advanced Placement (AP), and/or International Baccalaureate (IB) coursework make a stronger application.

To graduate from the Capital Scholars Honors Program at UIS, students must complete 120 hours of coursework, including the CSHP curriculum, UIS ECCE, general education, and other UIS graduation requirements, intermediate proficiency in ASL or a spoken language other than English, a major, and electives or a minor.

Students should check with program administrators regarding current requirements for graduation with the distinction of Capital Scholars Honors.

CSHP Integrated Core Curriculum (47-63 Hrs.)
CAP 102 Introduction to Honors 2 Hrs.
CAP 111 Honors Composition 3 Hrs.
CAP 115 Interdisciplinary Writing 3 Hrs.
CAP 122, 123, 225, 226 The “Question” Courses 12 Hrs. (Interdisciplinary humanities and social sciences)
CAP 141, 142 Biology and Chemistry of the Environment I & II* 8 Hrs.
CAP 250 Global Issues (ECCE: Special Topics on Global Issues) 3 Hrs.
CAP 402 Senior Seminar 1 Hr.
Modern language or ASL (intermediate proficiency)** 0-16 Hrs.

General Education requirements in CHSP Integrated Core Curriculum
Oral Communication 3 Hrs. Mathematics (applied) 3 Hrs.
(skills) 3 Hrs.
Social Science (for some majors) 3 Hrs.
Visual/Performing Arts/Humanities 3 Hrs.

*CAP141& 142 are waived for science majors who take and pass other science courses (such as BIO141 and CHE141).

**Modern Language courses require a minimum grade of “C” to progress to the next level. A grade of “C-” or below requires that the student repeat the course in order to progress. The American Sign Language (ASL) sequence is offered through the Teacher Education Program.


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