Where are Our Graduates?

Tom Batsios, MBA 2014

Congratulations to Tom Batsios who has joined the Men’s soccer coaching staff for Fall 2014 at Washington College in Chestertown, MD.

“As the assistant soccer coTom Batsios--resizedach, the knowledge I have acquired from obtaining my MBA will prove indispensable. Successfully operating a soccer program is very much like running a business. Budgets will need to be calculated, people will need to be managed, and of course, success is measured by how the team performs.  Many of the classes from the MBA program at UIS provided me with the skills I need to ultimately succeed as a soccer coach.

If you were to ask the professors from my classes if their curriculum was directly related to soccer coaches they probably would not agree. But the correlations between the business aspect of many of the classes and the operations of a soccer program are so similar that they have been able to provide me with a foundation for being a soccer coach. Obviously there is some coaching involved, which I have pursued outside of school, but the knowledge gained from the MBA program will surely benefit me now and in the future.”

Jennifer (Partlow) Lipscomb, MBA 2011

Jennifer Lipscomb recently accepted a position at The Hope Institute for Children and Families as the Director of the Hope Family Center, a resource and support center for the families of Hope.  The Hope Institute is a nonprofit center providing educational, residential and health services to children with developmental disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Jennifer provides support to families seeking services, conducts research and data analysis to help build and maintJennifer Lipscomb--5-14--resizedain quality family based programs within the Hope Institute, and provides direct program support to the Vocational Skills Development Program, Dental Clinic and The Autism Program of Illinois.

Prior to working at The Hope Institute, Jennifer worked at the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) in the Bureau of Managed Care where she played an integral part in the program design, implementation, and monitoring of the state’s multiple Medicaid Managed Care Programs.  Jennifer began working for HFS as a Graduate Public Service Intern (GPSI) while earning her MBA. Her successful internship landed her a full time Public Administration position in the Bureau of Managed Care, a position that taught her many irreplaceable skills and provided her with experiences that she carries with her today.