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Department of Credit for Prior Learning University of Illinois Springfield

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Curriculum Overview

The UIS Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) program guides students through the development of a model experiential learning portfolio in EXL 305 Prior Learning Portfolio Development, a 3-4 credit hour online course.

Upon completion of EXL 305 , you will have learned to demonstrate that you have gained equivalent experiential knowledge and skills in relation to what is taught in the traditional classroom. You’ll also connect ways to use this learning in future educational undertakings and will be able to:

  1. describe and understand your preferred learning style
  2. analyze and evaluate college level learning experiences
  3. articulate past, present and future educational goals
  4. explain the rationale for the assessment of prior learning and discuss its significance in contemporary higher education
  5. describe and evaluate basic assumptions underlying the assessment of prior learning
  6. understand and apply the distinction between learning experience and learning outcome
  7. evaluate knowledge derived from significant college-level experiential learning
  8. improve writing skills, (i.e. written organization of thoughts, correct use of grammar and style, accurate punctuation and spelling)
  9. identify appropriate documentation for your experiential learning
    assess your strengths as a learner
  10. develop important academic skills, (written and verbal communication, research, critical thinking)
  11. prepare a prior learning portfolio, a tool that you will find useful in navigating future career, personal, and educational transitions