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University of Illinois Springfield

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences University of Illinois Springfield

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Staff and Department Chairs

James Ermatinger   James W. Ermatinger


Lucía VázquezIMG_2549

Associate Dean


Donna SchaubDonna Schaub
Assistant to the Dean


Kim Gonzalez-BeesonKim Gonzalez-Beeson
Assistant to the Dean


Bev Weddle photoBeverly Weddle
Secretary to the Dean


Brenda HunsleyBrenda Hunsley
Staff Clerk


Programs and Departments Reporting to the DeanKamau Kemayo

African-American Studies
Kamau Kemayo, Chair

                                      Office: UHB 3038    Phone: (217) 206-6962    Email:

Hua Chen, Chair

Office: HSB 230       Phone: (217) 206-8339         Email:

Linda McCownClinical Laboratory Sciences
Linda McCown, Chair

Office: HSB 314       Phone: (217) 206-6589       Email:

________________________________________________________________________________________________________OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

John Martin, Chair 

Office: HSB 314       Phone: (217) 206-6589       Email:

Kathy Jamison Communication
Kathy Jamison, Chair

Office: UHB 3010      Phone: (217) 206-6790      Email:

Ted MimsComputer Science
Ted Mims, Chair

Office: UHB 3100      Phone: (217) 206-6770      Email:

Tena Helton

Tena Helton, Chair

Office: UHB 3050      Phone: (217) 206-6779      Email:

Experiential & Service Learning

Office: BRK 482           Phone: (217) 206-6640       Email:

Heather BaileyHistory
Heather Bailey, Chair

Office: UHB 3050      Phone: (217) 206-6779       Email:

Liberal and Integrative StudiesBill_Kline
William Kline, Chair

Office: UHB 3031      Phone: (217) 206-7418       Email  :

Chung-Hsien SungMathematical Sciences
Chung-Hsien Sung, Chair

Office: WUIS 13      Phone: (217) 206-8405      Email:

Modern Languages Program
Maximiliano Sanchez

Office: UHB 4023      Phone: (217) 206-8300       Email:

John BarkerPhilosophy
John Barker, Chair

Office: UHB 3144      Phone: (217) 206-8244       Email:

Marcel YoderPsychology
Marcel Yoder, Chair

Office: UHB 3144
Phone: (217) 206-6696

Jennifer Manthei, Chair

Office: UHB 3032      Phone: (217) 206-7584      Email:

Mike MillerVisual Arts
Mike Miller, Chair

Office: VPA 62      Phone: (217) 206-6240      Email:

Women and Gender Studies Seifphoto0609sm_002
Hinda Seif, Chair

Office: UHB 3034       Phone: (217) 206-8413       Email: